Celtic Chris

My Crystal Collection

above 10kg of Citrine wands

Worry is wasted energy, It causes you to frown,
Happiness lifts you up, and never lets you down
So cultivate a smile, Laugh at all those woes,
Find it deep within yourself, Make it grow and grow.

So Worry not my friend, what others have got,
Your life is more precious than golden ingots,
And once you have learnt the secret of joy,
You'll feel like a child with a brand new toy.

It does not matter if your rich or poor,
Troubles knock on every door,
There's not much in life thats completly free
But happiness is I guarantee.

The world is full of problems to solve,
Without them how would you change or evolve,
with a shield of happiness cast sadness out the door,
And be free of depression for evermore

This may all sound quite silly,
And dificult to grasp,
To choose the path of happiness,
And kill sadness with a laugh.

Just try smilling in the mirror,
Or laughing when your down,
You'll be a nicer person,
And fun to be around.

A poem by Celtic Chris

Below Orgonite hand crafted by Chris
Orgonite Accumulators -helps protect against
harmful environmental pollution-Electro magnetic fields(emf) from Wireless and Mobil phone air waves It's perfect for improving energy in the home, helping to neutralize harmful energy given out by TV’s and microwaves & EMF, ELF, HAARP and HPRF radiation. It can also help with attracting Positive Chi/Life Energy Boosting ones Energy & Auric Field by reducing negative tendencies.These pendants contains organic resin and specially selected crystals. Wear or keep on your person at all times
Lapis Lazuli points-3 to 6 inch
Rainbow Fluorite 5 inch
amethyst points 2- 4 inch points
Citrine Points about 3-4 inch
Obsidian points 3-9 inch
Rose Quartz points 3-6 inch
Some hand made pendants  

Large smokey Quartz 5 inch

Natural Blue Vain turqoise, nice big chunks

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